Checking out the chanteuses official website you are greeted with the following question and answer:

What do you get with a dash of Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin, a pinch of Nancy Wilson, Al Green and a cupful of quirk?

You get Teisha Marie (Tea-e-sha Marie).

I for one am greatly looking forward to the imminent release of her second album: ‘The Girl from Nowhere’. The official launch concert is almost upon us on the 21st of June 2013. I excitedly looked up the address of the Hill Center at The Old Naval Hospital, ready to book my tickets. The spelling of ‘center’ should have told me that, as much as I’d like to attend, travelling to 921 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, DC is a bit beyond my budget.

Anyway, in the meantime, I’m fulfilling me soul in substance suffusion with this imminent sublime release from Soulpersona, which is due out on the 24th of June (see here: http://beyourselfrec.bandcamp.com/)

And if you’re wanting yet more, delve back and purchase her first E.P. ‘Addicted to Life’ via the usual on-line stockists.



If one knew nothing else, let me be clear from the off. This album release being born through the Digisoul stable means quality assured. I see little point in reading a review otherwise; I’m here to proclaim, not disclaim.

In the past decade since inception, Digisoul has delivered delight upon dream. Dame (she should be) Jocelyn Brown’s ‘Unreleased’ and Princess Freesia’s ‘Rainbow Ride’ to name but two albums; such artists I’ll be giving worthy nod to further on in this blog. But for now, let me bring back the focus to The Maestro Of The Moment – Mr.Carl Hudson.

Having cut his teeth, honed his skills and perfected his mastery with many an artist, Carl clearly heeded the call to create something that was totally and individually him. And so, after a year, in his own words: It’s finally happened! After a year of tinkering, coercing, creating, sculpting, noodling, jazzing, and funking…” – his concept album debut ‘Zoolgy For Martians’ has landed.

For the uninitiated to the phrase, a ‘concept album’ is one that where the entire content contributes to a single overall theme or story, as opposed to most studio albums that consist of a number of unconnected songs. That is probably blindingly obvious, but my family might read this and they’d want to know.

And so here then is a concept that in essence is an odyssey of some magnitude, given that it runs from single cell creation through to reptile, bird and mammal. Hence the title, and it is good to know that in amongst it all, those from the Red Planet, or elsewhere, will be so sublimely introduced to the best in jazz/funk music as their springboard to knowing Planet Earth. For this is, again in his own words “a seriously funky journey through the entire history of Evolution”.

Maestro Hudson does not disappoint, delivering (alongside his accumulated individual top talents in musicianship such as Nick Van Gelder and Andy Tolman – more luminaries abounding) an hypnotic groove from start to finish.

Aside from already submersing myself in this ocean of wonder as I worked in my study or reclined in my bath, I had the joyful honour of attending the inaugural live performance for the official album launch. Accomplishment aside, there is a wonderful joy to be had in seeing an artist sharing and celebrating his work to a truly receptive crowd.

Like any concept album, this deserves to be listened to from start to finish, like back in the old days, and then from there you may well choose your favourites. You’ll probably (I hope) find this timeless, which, given the scope, is no doubt further justified.

I don’t know how much Sir David Attenborough likes his soul music, but here is one place he’d be proud to be sitting.Image