Introducing… Debra Debs


Her album ‘LifeCycles’ was released in November 2013 – a sublime fusion that she sums up as “NeosoulfulJazzyRnBAfrosoulThings”. Eclectic brilliance then, for here the finest musicianship accompanies adroit liquid-gold libretto that flows forth from her ravishing voice, shining with a brilliance that bounces buoyantly into the auditory cortex.

At present the track wheeling wondrous waves in several spheres is the intoxicating ‘Fizzy Lemonade’, some variations of which I put here. It is, I feel, a striking testimony to Debra’s ability that this one song works so resplendently at such varied pace; listen on, and I’m sure you will agree.


I begin then with a live acoustic performance done on BBC Radio, beautifully illustrating the strength of her inspiration born from listening to her Mother’s jazz collection in childhood. >>>

And here now, upping the ante to make the concept to “drink me so much I’ll make you wanna stay” so true, and danceable with it.

The Felo Le Tee Remix >>>

The Reel People Remix >>>

Back to the album itself, I next highlight the track ‘Blew my Mind’, because that is kind of what the whole work did upon the first listen, and because once again it perfectly illustrates how she is so accomplished at lifting it up and slowing it down. The track holds a different feel as it stands on ‘LifeCycles’ which, if you haven’t yet brought it you surely will by the time you’ve finished reading here (lest you are a fool), but for now, let THAT purity of voice and her joyful demeanour shine through as it does here with Lekan Shobiyi. >>>

Debra is a gifted story-teller, and one who carries so much truth and wisdom in her melodic tales, such as in ‘Blending Colours’ – because many concepts of barriers that are held really do have the requirement, the need, to dissolve. >>>

This album follows up from her EP release ‘WHUMAN’ which features, amongst other tracks, the incredible ‘Africa Higher Higher’  – a potent call for change that needs to be heeded. >>>

If not yet evident, I am of the firm belief that here is one of the most prodigiously outstanding artists to launch forth in recent times, and I am of no doubt that Debra Debs is going to see her star continually ascending up into the musical firmament – this is what is most assuredly deserved.

Giles Addison

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