Guess Who Is Back

It has been a year since I’ve written upon this blog. Misfortune and despair hit almighty blows in 2015, knocking me way off course. But I return to set sail with renewed vim and vigour from this date onwards.

So, before I begin this relaunch with any in-depth views, let me look at a couple of musical delights from last year, namely these two albums, both of which I highly recommend a purchase of; aside from them being masterful collections, we need to support our independent artists out there who really do produce work through blood, sweat and tears.

Momentum – Soulpersona.


That Brighton-based galactic crusader and maestro of music production Soulpersona soared into the charts last year with this class ensemble of essential groove, recalling and thus reigniting the glory days of good soul music. The effervescent radiance of Princess Freesia (her first of two mentions on this very page) is joined here by the accomplished Carl Hudson and singer Pete Simpson to name a few.

Chasing Rainbows – Sunchaser


The global travelling writer and producer that is Sunchaser returns with his second album of tunes, here featuring the interstellar lyrics and vocals of Princess Freesia, and guests, in a sublime set finely peppered with the beauty of the Baltic Sea. It’s a captivating achievement. In his own words: “Keep your dream alive, connect yourself with spiritual comrades, and never give up.”

Songs I currently have on repeat at musicgspot Towers includes:

Post It – Moca
Party All Night – Leela James
All Eyes on You – St Lucia
Take A Look Around – Two Bears
Sunlight (feat. Years & Years) – The Magician
Oh Lord – Mishal Moore
Liquid Spirit (Claptone Remix) – Gregory Porter

Because it’s always on repeat:

Gotta Hold On Me (That Skatt Thing) – MuthaFunkaz
In vocal jazz I’ve always loved the highly-skilled improvisation of melody and rhythm in nonsense syllables that elevates singer to instrument extraordinaire. It is finely accomplished here by Sheila Ford in this sharp slice of deliciously funky fun.

Beautiful – Peyton
An uplifting piece of Gospel that never ceases to warm me as I silently sing it out to the many wonderful friends I have in my life.

You Know How To Love Me – Phyllis Hyman
One of the most familiar hits from the late, great Ms.Hyman. To be honest, who could ever tire from listening to the many songs taken from her ten albums in a career that sadly ended all too soon; depression is a killer.

Watch Out – Brandi Wells
Another singer here who tragically was taken from us at a young age, this particular tune from her has been, for years now, something of a mantra for me. I love how she scat sings her way out at the end too.

Keep The Fire Burning – Gwen Macrae
I went to see this lady sing live a few years ago at Islington Town Hall. Being that she was by now in her late-sixties one didn’t really know what to expect; what we were given was the perfect vocals of a woman who knew exactly how to take it to ‘CHURCH’ – this track alone was a twenty-minute masterpiece that had the collective singing back to her and wanting to simply smile at and hug everyone – love set the room on fire.

Well, as is said, onwards and upwards. Expect some more from me very soon. May your music G spot be humming and vibrating with sheer ecstatic delight.



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